AS/NZS4766 Product Certification

Qenos' SAI Global Type Test certification for compliance of select Alkatuff® rotational moulding grades to AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals (raw materials) can be viewed via the link below
AS/NZS4766 Product Certification

Technical Information

Qenos is able to provide a wide range of technical design data on Alkatuff® Rotational Moulding grades including Finite Element Analysis and Hoop Stress data.

Finite Element Analysis - Information Brochure

Hoop Stress - Information Brochure

Qenos Roto Grades Creep Data

Alkatuff LL711UV Creep Data at 40C

Alkatuff LL705UV Creep Report

Certain files require a password. Please contact your Qenos technical service representative.