Qenos talks to its communities and keeps them informed of its plans and performance. It does this through formal consultative avenues and through informal communication.

In Victoria, Qenos is a founding member of the Altona Complex Neighbourhood Consultative Group (ACNCG). The ACNCG comprises members from industry, residents, local council and authorities. The Group meets three times a year and the Environmental Monitoring Team (EMT – a sub-committee) meets four times a year.

In NSW, Qenos is a member of the Botany Industrial Park Community Consultation Committee (BIPCCC) which comprises residents, council officers, regulators, local industry and a representative from all BIP companies. The BIP Manager chairs the meetings which are held four times a year.

These meetings provide an opportunity for industry, council, regulators and community to raise concerns and for Qenos to hear and understand community expectations.

Progress is reported to the wider communities in which Qenos operate. The ACNCG newsletter, Consultative Chronicle, communicates ACNCG activities to local residents, businesses and community groups. The BIP brochure reports on the environmental performance and resource efficiency of plants in Botany and is distributed annually to local homes and businesses.

Local community members are also encouraged to follow Qenos social media pages for updates and news. Qenos has two Facebook pages Qenos Botany and Qenos Altona.