Qenos is involved with industry through a range of programs, groups and associations. By working across the plastics industry, we can build a sustainable future. We can also combine our expertise and skill to continually improve performance in the key areas of sustainability, environment, health and safety.

Qenos is actively involved in industry groups such as Chemistry Australia and Australian Industry Group (AIG). We participate in the Responsible Care program to ensure that the systems and standards under which we operate are best practice. We know that our efforts are right for the future sustainability of our business and for the wider industry.

Qenos is working with Chemistry Australia and other industry members to compile the annual recycling survey, which is the foundation database for measuring improvements in plastics recycling. Qenos is also a partner in the Chemistry /Victorian Government initiative aimed at identifying sustainability opportunities.

The role of the Chemistry Industry
Chemistry Australia has developed a new animation to highlight the critical role of chemistry in our everyday lives.
Thanks to the products of chemistry, we enjoy a high standard of living with access to world-class healthcare, clean drinking water, ample fresh food, and the means to keep our food fresher for longer.

Learn how Australian chemistry contributes to our quality of life every day: