BIP Emergencies

The Botany Industrial Park site has safely manufactured chemical products for over 80 years. Whilst an emergency event is very unlikely, we have in place an emergency response procedure, which is coordinated with other BIP Operations and the Emergency Services.

In the case of a major emergency, the BIP will ensure that up-to-date information is made available to the authorities and the community. It will ensure that there is co-ordination and co-operation between plants and the appropriate combat agencies.

Major Emergencies

If a major emergency was to occur, the BIP recommends that you immediately:
1) Go indoors.
2) Close external doors and windows.
3) Switch off any air conditioners, heaters or exhaust fans.
4) Remain indoors until you receive instructions from the emergency services.
5) Also, tune into the radio or television and listen for information. The ‘all clear’ will be given by the emergency services.
6) After the ‘all clear’ has been given open doors and windows to restore ventilation.

Please cooperate fully with the instructions given by the emergency services.

Emergency Response Service: 1800 033 011

The BIP and member companies maintain well-established emergency procedures and conduct regular training exercises.

All member companies rely also upon the Orica Emergency Response Service to provide specialist advice to the public, emergency services and customers in the event of incidents relating to the transport, storage, use and disposal of their raw materials and products.

The BIP has on-site emergency response capabilities including:

  • A site firewater supply system with eight million litres of stored firewater
  • A site emergency response vehicle fitted with fire monitor and carrying 2200 litres of firefighting foam and other resources to manage chemical incidents
  • Personnel trained to respond to incidents and work with the emergency services to manage incidents

All plants conduct regular testing of alarm systems and leak detection systems to ensure they are available and in good working order. eNeighbours may hear the several alarms being tested around the site on Thursdays.

Joint exercises are regularly conducted with the BIP Safety team and local emergency services personnel.