Qenos is serious about being a good corporate citizen.

We value and respect the communities we work in. We understand that our work can have potential impacts on our neighbours, so we work hard to keep everyone informed.

We value feedback and welcome input from community members, through formal consultative structures as well as through ongoing communication.

We also get involved in our communities, working with them to provide assistance where it is needed and to develop strength, resilience and community pride.

Community Consultation

Qenos talks to its communities and keeps them informed of its plans and performance. It does this through formal consultative avenues and through informal communication.


Community Involvement

Qenos appreciates the opportunity to get involved with and be a part of our local communities.


Chemistry Resource Kit

Qenos has produced a VCE Chemistry Resource Kit in response to requests for data to support students in their Chemistry studies. 


Environmental Contacts

Qenos local communities are urged to use these numbers if they are concerned or wish to enquire about an issue