Who Are We Looking For 2


The very best minds of today and tomorrow…
We’re proud to continue to employ and nurture the best technical, operational and commercial minds. We want tomorrow’s game-changers – fresh thinkers who will question and challenge traditional approaches to help us move forward.
… and current and future people leaders. 
We’re also looking for those with the proven ability and the potential to get the best out of our people. If that’s your profile and your path, you’ll have a vital role to play in the next phase of the Qenos journey.

Qenos behaviours for 2017 and beyond
During this period of market disruption and innovation, Qenos is changing and we want all of our people, new and established, to step up and play their part.

As individuals and teams, we:

Exercise sound judgement: We take informed risks and move to action with just enough information – the 80% rule

Straight talk:  We seek to understand, to ensure we are understood. We speak honestly, simply and directly, avoiding sugar coating difficult messages

Drive excellence:  We challenge the status quo to drive improvement. We empower others to achieve results and learn from both positive and negative outcomes

Own the result:  We are accountable for delivering results in the best interest of the Company. We take accountability for our own actions and challenge unsafe work practices

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